SDXD: Designing for Designers: Design Thinking + Adobe XD

//SDXD: Designing for Designers: Design Thinking + Adobe XD

SDXD: Designing for Designers: Design Thinking + Adobe XD

Thank you all for joining us at our August event!

Demian Borba, Product Manager at Adobe, came by to give us some insight into the design thinking process that Adobe used when creating their new prototyping tool: Adobe XD.

For this new product, Adobe wanted to ensure that its design came completely from the needs of the users, and not as an extension of their existing product line. In order to break the mold, they followed a simple but effective process to come up with their designs:

  1. Empathy
  2. Observation
  3. Ideation (diverge and converge)
  4. Prototype
  5. Test

This process has allowed them to understand their users’ explicit and implicit needs, and turn those into verified features on an agile┬átimeline.

In addition to talking about their design process, Demian also gave a demo of this new product. Some highlights included excellent integration with Illustrator and Sketch, the use of repeaters to quickly apply and update styles to multiple elements, natural interaction management, local layers, and live previewing of designs on mobile devices.

XD is currently available as a part of the Creative Cloud Suite. Check it out!

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