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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Once Upon a Product: the Power of Storyboards

//About the event//

A lot has been said about storytelling as a design technique. Stories can inspire. They can help a team understand context and intent. They can help everyone think from the perspective of your customers and users.

But what does that mean? Sit around the campfire terrifying each other with graphic descriptions of table-based web layouts or steal the show with a gripping tale of survival trapped for weeks in a vestibule by Norman doors? Um, no. It’s a lot more practical than that.

Part talk, part hands-on workshop, we’ll explore storyboards as a storytelling device for design. You’ll learn how to devise a storyboard to inspire a team and get them aligned to a common vision. You’ll also learn how you can leverage storyboards as part of your standard approach to product design. All UX designers should have storyboarding as part of their toolkit. By the way, you don’t have to be an artist to make effective storyboards. If you can google images, and copy and paste, you can build storyboards!

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American Specialty Health Inc.

American Specialty Health Inc. is one of the nation’s premier independent, privately-owned, tech-enabled benefits management companies. ASH offers physical medicine provider networks & administration, fitness center networks & exercise programs, and population health solutions for health plans, insurance carriers, and employer groups.

For more information about ASH and job opportunities, visit www.ASHCompanies.com

//About the speaker//

Paul Hong

Paul is Director of Design Strategy at ServiceNow, where he leads product design for the company’s ITOM, CMDB, & ITAM products (quite the alphabet soup; suffice it to say we help customers manage all aspects of their IT, software, and cloud infrastructure).

A long time resident of San Diego, Paul is former president of SDXD Meetup, was a founding board member of Design Forward Alliance, and has an unhealthy addiction to all forms of gummy candy (and IPAs).

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