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Get Involved

We can always use an extra hand! Become a volunteer today and you’ll receive:

Access to (probably) the most amazing Slack channel ever created. “Is it magic? Wizardry? How do they keep organizing such amazing events?!” We’ll take you behind the curtains and reveal the secrets of running one of San Diego’s preeminent UX groups.

The ability to help plan future events. A wise man once said, “Those who plan SDXD meetings shall earn great fortune within their lives.” Can you risk missing out on this incredible opportunity?

Free High-Fives. MSRP $1,000,000! Sign up now right now and the “legendary” Paul Hong will personally give you a high- five, for FREE!

But WAIT! There’s more…

If you email us in the next 59 seconds — we’ll DOUBLE the offer!

You’ll get 2x the Slack access (no clue what that even means), DOUBLE the ability to plan events, and TWO HIGH FIVES from James. You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else, so sign up today!

*Disclaimer: This was written without James’ knowledge, therefore we can’t guarantee any high fives. That being said, He’s a pretty nice guy, maybe just ask him…

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